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March 10, 2013

Simply Stranded

I am currently sitting in Boulder, Colorado across a table from my best friend Betsy Noecker in a laundromat. Thankfully there is internet here so I’m finally able to sit down and do some blogging. It’s been a long time so I feel as though I should explain myself.

I originally didn’t post a few weeks ago to be fair to Clark. An email was sent out that alerted students to a change in housing, one that was extremely unexpected and therefore stressful and angering. Because I was so upset in general and it was taking up all extra space in my mind, I decided not to blog so as not to sway those of you who were looking at Clark simply because I was upset in the moment. With some distance and clarity from the moment, I am no longer angry. I’m not happy, but the situation has been explained and I am now accepting of its necessity.

Shortly thereafter came midterms, which resulted in me literally not sleeping and working around 30 hours in just under a week. This left no time for blogging, so I apologise for my absence. To those of you who read my blog and enjoy it, you did not deserve my unintentional hiatus. Thankfully I am back now and happy to say that I should be flying back to Clark U on Tuesday.

Of course, I realise none of you quite know why I am “stranded” in my beautiful home town. There was a ‘blizzard’ on Saturday which grounded 80 flights out of DIA and to Boston (if I recall correctly). I was called at 8am on Saturday and told to rebook my flight to Boston. Though I am happy to have a few more days in this beautiful place, my own personal love-affair with the mountains aside, it is stressing me out that I am missing 4 classes, 1 lab, and 2 quizzes in those two days.

College moves quickly. A few days can feel like a week in High School. So here I sit, in a laundromat, on some weak WiFi connection, with my best friend, blogging about being stranded in my favourite state and city in all of the USA. Thank you for your patience, and congratulations to all those in the class of 2017! Your hard work has been rewarded well! I hope that you enjoy your time at Clark University, and as always, my twitter feed, Facebook, and the comments section is open. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!



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