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February 6, 2013

Living at Clark: Staying Healthy in University: The Gym

Introduction: Oh! My favourite place on campus! Okay, not completely, but it’s definitely one of my favourite places around Clark’s Campus. I get a lot of clarity when at the gym. Plus I love working out, I love that feeling you get when your body gets into the rhythm and all you really want to do any more is just keep exercising. Plus, I just love the way that my body functions. I think it is so amazing what my body can do and I love to put it through its paces.

The gym is a little out of date here, the cardio equipment isn’t shabby at all, but I had to concur when my friend told me that a lot of the strength equipment on the lower level look a little too much like torture devices. I think it’s just because they’re old, look like they haven’t been switched out since the 70s.

The Bickman Fitness Center:

I think how much you like a gym depends on what you’re looking for. And the Bickman Fitness Center offers some pretty great stuff, I always compare it to my gym at home; each has its pros and cons. The biggest pro about the gym on Clark’s campus is how close it is. Again, five minutes max! You have no excuse not to go, even in freezing and bitter winter weather.

For this post, I’m not 100% sure what to say. Everyone’s gym preferences and uses are personal and varied. For me, I pick a high-energy album and sweat it out on the cardio machines for 35minutes – an hour or so and then do core on the mats or strength on the lower level. Sometimes I’ll come back to my dorm and finish it all off with extra flexibility or leg work. It varies consistently based on the day.¬†

So for this specific post, I will leave you with the images I took of the gym during my workout a couple weeks ago and leave it open to questions. Please, ask me anything and I’ll answer. If you have a specific piece of equipment you want to know if we have, how the equipment works, about the televisions on all of the treadmills etc.


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