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January 21, 2013

Because I Blinked

History has always been one of my favourite subjects. I loved History Detectives as a kid, and still do. I would read history-related fiction novels and as my tastes have changed I now enjoy reading history non-fiction. However, I was always saddened that I had missed out on all the exciting times. It wasn’t the cold war. We weren’t fighting to create a country. I lived in America. In a boring time. Nothing was happening.

That has since changed and I have realised just how much history you and I are making every single day. Today isn’t exciting to us because it’s the ‘norm’. But now we read books about diaries of people who kept track of the mundane activities of their day-to-day lives and find them interesting. And things these days are so exciting! I bet you have a cellular phone, right? Chances are, you might even be reading this blog on your phone. That phone is magic! I took the photo up there on my cellular phone.

If you’re not reading my blog on your mobile, you’re almost definitely reading it on a computer. That machine, the technology inside of it, is becoming obsolete as your eyes flick to each word.

You are going to school in a time when you have so much information at your fingertips that you can do basic research on almost any given topic simply by clicking and typing.


Harry Potter?


I’m sure you get my point.

It didn’t hit me until recently just how much history we’re all living, and we’re all getting to the ages where we can actually do something to influence what goes into the history books. What are we going to be telling our grandchildren? What is our place going to be in the history of the world? It didn’t end, I’m sitting here at Clark University at 1:22am on Martin Luther King Jr. day writing to you about making history. The decade I was a child in is already starting to be put in history books, soon enough students at Clark won’t remember Walkmans. They won’t remember tape decks. Side pony-tails and brightly coloured wind-breakers still being in. Old Arthur episodes… and so much more.

Time really should take a breather and stop moving for a second.

Because I blinked; it’s not 1999 any more; I’m not 6.

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