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December 10, 2012

What it means to be busy; Finals 2012

A very old picture… but I thought it was definitely relateable to these past couple of weeks.

What does it mean to be busy?

Being a student. Working hard to succeed in life. Pushing to improve.

“Busy” ought to be synonymous with “University” it’s inevitable that at some point during your college career you will be so busy you might forget to breathe.

Accounting homework. Women’s Studies Papers. Women’s Studies Group Project. Class readings. Management Group Project. Quantitative Methods homework. Studying for the Quantitative Methods Final. Working in the library. Remembering to eat. Trying to stay healthy. Sleeping.

At first, after a fairly easy month with professors mostly deciding to assign projects and homework at different times, I was extremely stressed and concerned about getting everything done. How was I supposed to do everything! It wasn’t an easy task at all, I budgeted my time between classes and working and did my best to slip sleep and food in-between as best I could. I would wake up early and get breakfast so I could make it to dinner. Took no naps, barely slept, but by the time I finished last Friday I was very proud of the work I completed.

We got an A on the Management group project, I finished my Quantitative Methods homework 5 times over while studying for the final exam, did fairly well on the Women’s Studies project and papers… and hey look, I’m still alive!

It is at times like these that I feel very grateful that the High School I went to was extremely competitive and difficult. Taking a full-course load there full of AP and IB courses made it so I got very good at time management, and well, not sleeping.

And as I sit writing this, it is Clark U’s last day of classes for the semester. My Accounting final is on Thursday, Women’s Studies Final paper is due Friday, and next Monday is the Management final. And then, it’s home to good ol’ Colorado.

I hope everyone’s last weeks go well and to those applying to Clark University to enter the class of 2017? Best of luck! Have a fantastic break, everyone.

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