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November 24, 2012

Living at Clark: Why Clark is my Home 4/4

And it’s not just that…it’s as I get deeper and deeper into my major and learn more about the sorts of things I will be doing with my life, I get excited. It’s scary to think that in a few years I will be done with my formal education and on to different experiences. Perhaps I’ll be making decisions about a company’s distribution of depreciation costs…or working with a team of professionals to improve company policies and structures to increase net income at the end of the quarter and increase stocks…who knows what my future holds!

I can’t wait to discover what I will be doing. Because whatever it is, I know that my home here at Clark with its proud tradition of challenging convention will have helped me get there, just as it has so many before me… entrepreneurs such as:

·      Ronald M. Shaich, founder and co-CEO of Panera Bread,

·       Matt Goldman, co-founder of the Blue Man Group,

·        Marc Lasry, CEO and co-founder of Avenue Capital Group,

·       Robert Hurst prior Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs

and so  many others.

I can hardly believe I am attending the same University as these innovative and business-savvy change-makers. I hope someday my footprints will be worth walking in, too… a new Clark U Diarist sharing their heartfelt journey… or maybe someone else working at Goddard Library enthralled by the learning ensconced there just like I am… wondering what their future will hold, just as I am now.



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