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November 3, 2012

Living at Clark: Why Clark is my Home 1/4


I really never thought I’d be able to call Clark University ‘home’ – or feel this comfortable in my routine and life here. I had thought I would never let on to anyone, especially not in this blog, that I had considered transferring last year. In fact, it was almost always at the forefront of my mind. Not because I didn’t like the classes, but because it just didn’t feel right.

At so many points last year I wanted to be back in Colorado. I love Colorado, it’s where I grew up, it’s where I first made friends, and it feels comfortable. Sure, as a child I travelled a lot and am used to picking up and going all over – but I always went back to Colorado in a week or a month or so.

As the months dragged on last year, I constantly missed Colorado, my friends, and my home. And I was giving it until after this semester to decide whether or not I would transfer out of Clark U and go home to CU Boulder. I’m really glad I gave it until this semester, too. Because as of late I can’t imagine not having Clark be a part of my home-network.

Recently as I’ve been walking around Clark I’ve noticed just how comfortable I do actually feel here.

Today as I was walking out of Hughes Hall towards my Accounting class, I couldn’t help but at marvel at how comfortable and at home I felt. I follow almost the same path to get to all of my courses and work, and it’s become something I love to do. I love passing the people I know and seeing them smile. I love the crisp air. I love knowing that just down the path, my best friend lives in her tower and in the opposite direction two of my other best friends are likely busy on their homework in their apartment. I love living in a dormitory with a roommate. And I love my room, even if the internet is spotty at best and it can sometimes smell like a wet dog.

-End Part One-

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