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October 1, 2012

Living at Clark – Family Weekend

My grandmother, the Cougar, me, and my Grandfather waiting for the bus tour around Worcester given by Jack Foley!

Once a year Clark University is flooded with student families, all excited to see and experience at least a piece of what their children get to. For the first-years, it’s often the first time they’ve seen their parents since they arrived at Clark — and it is their chance to show their parents that they have University all figured out. Of course, family weekend is also a chance for Clark to put its best foot forward, and it does its best to do just that. With everything pruned and cleaned to perfection, Clark shines whether it’s cloudy or not.

Last year I didn’t have any family members attend family weekend, and given that it is primarily a first year family affair, I felt extremely left out. Most of my friends at the time had family visiting, and not wanting to intrude upon their luck of getting to see their parents and siblings I resigned myself to spending most of the day in the library and in my room, calling my parents on Skype and missing them.

A great breakfast with my grandparents in the Higgins Cafeteria.

Honestly, if any first year says they don’t miss their family, they’re probably lying just a little bit. University is a BIG change and seeing family makes that change a little easier, because a piece of your old life is then connected to your new one. I didn’t really get that last year, and I don’t know if it helped me any this year, but I can tell you that I sure was happy to see my grandparents when they arrived to participate in family weekend 2012!

I had so much fun interacting with my grandparents and introducing them to people, showing them around campus, and especially going on the Worcester tour given by Jack Foley. We ended up eating at Wonder Bar Pizza and Peppercorns, both of which were phenomenal, and of course they also had the chance to eat in our cafeteria — which they seemed to like well enough (I would suggest both restaurants whole heartedly). Even better, I got to go to the Ecotarium with my grandmother and what was supposed to be an extremely rainy day was instead perfectly sunny and only mildly cold.

The Ecotarium was wonderful, even more fun than I had expected and I definitely plan on going again (you’ll be getting another blog about that solely because I got a lot of pictures and it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in Worcester).

It was really fun.
There was a hurricane simulator.
So I went in that.
And I climbed some rocks.
And took a bunch of pretty pictures.
Played with bubbles…
It was like being a kid again but better.


Just hanging out with my favourite Grandpa in the whole world!!

Really, the weekend needs to be longer because it was just so hard to say goodbye to my Grandparents after only two days with them. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving in Rochester now!

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