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February 18, 2014

That One Time David Came To Visit

Studying abroad can be a lonely affair. It can be difficult to do the same things, over and over, by yourself. Sure, you meet people and make friends, but none of those people are people that you’re super super comfortable with.

David, my roommate of whom I’m somewhat fond, visited me this weekend.



David’s appearance of nonchalance is him hiding his unprecedented excitement to be in Norwich. David’s a good actor. He is also good at matching his shoes to whichever couch he’s sitting on.

We did lots of fun England stuff. The weekend began with my radio show (which will get discussed approximately 1-2 blog posts from now, GET EXCITED), and then we went into town. Where did we eat dinner, you ask?


CAPTAIN AMERICA’S HAMBURGER HEAVEN. This is really the back of the menu. I wish this was a joke.

The burgers weren’t very good. The patty was unremarkable and the bacon was Weird English Bacon, not Normal, Freedom-Loving American Bacon. The milkshake was alright, but the fries were just… pedestrian. The establishment itself, though, was like every Fourth of July ever celebrated was just vomited on the walls. Picture all the America you can imagine, then add a touch of America. Now you’re close.

Over the rest of the weekend, we met up with some of my new UEA friends, went shopping, went to a few bookstores (David like the covers), watched some movies, and had some fantastic (and cheap) breakfast sandwiches, which were still not as good (or as cheap) as those at Annie’s Clark Brunch (which I miss with all my heart).

Our Weekend of Fun and Excitement ended with waffles. With ice cream.



So it was great having David over. It made the weekend a little bit less lonely and it was great to joke about things we’ve done and people we know.

We also spent a lot of time planning for next year. We did some superficial things (like getting some undeniably groovy posters for our new apartment), but also planned out what we plan on doing to make the most of our senior year. We want to cook and eat dinner together. We want to try new things even though most people think it’s too late. We want to be warm to incoming first-years, because so long ago, there were seniors who were kind to us and made us feel welcome. We want to have our friends over at our apartment to watch baseball games and have a huge breakfast party on Spree Day (menu is already in the works). We want to go to Ya Mon. (It’s this Jamaican place really close to campus that looks so cool but every time I’ve tried to go there, something fell through and I wasn’t able to make it. My determination to have jerk chicken macaroni and cheese shall not waver.)

I’m a planner. I distill everything I do into a series of three-step plans. Sometimes plans get disrupted and that rattles me sometimes. I’m not totally sure what we’re going to do next year, and a lot of these are going to fall through (not the Ya Mon thing though). But as long as I remember how excited I am for my senior year, I know that I won’t waste a day of it.

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