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December 16, 2013


Sometimes things go wrong and then… David


Last night was the last night that David and I will share a bedroom. (If you look on the left you can kind of see him there. At least he isn’t doing that freaky thing he does sometimes when he sleeps with his eyes half-open. It’s super scary.)

David’s been my roommate and best friend for a year and a half now. We eat together when no one else wants to eat with us, we jam and sing late into the night together, we analyze How I Met Your Mother for hours together, and we stay up late with the lights off, talking about the future and life and just… stuff.

He has a habit of just falling asleep places. See exhibit A.

He has a habit of just falling asleep places. See exhibit A.

But David and I were not always buddies. We lived on the same floor in Wright Hall our first year, but for a whole semester he was just “That kid with the good voice who lives on my floor” to me.

Then, one Friday in early in the spring semester, I got into something of a tiff with my friends. The next day, I realized that, while they are all good people, we don’t really fit together. We’re not compatible. It’s nobody’s fault. I just didn’t want to spend that much time with them.

So I was sitting alone in my room that Saturday night, and decided that I craved a little bit of human interaction. I went into the lounge on my floor and a bunch of people were hanging around watching an ABC Family Harry Potter Weekend. Always a good choice. I set my guitar down (I had just gotten it and was in the habit of carrying it everywhere) and watched with them, interacting with all of these people who lived on my floor but I had for some reason never spent that much time with.

And it was great. I had a fantastically excellent time with them, making jokes about the movies and talking about our favorite characters and how Minerva McGonagall is hands-down the fiercest lady there will ever be.


We’ve matured since then. Slightly.

David noticed my guitar and asked if I played. When I said yes, he said that he liked to sing (which I knew; I had seen him at a Clark Bars show and was super impressed but definitely didn’t tell him I was his biggest fan) and he asked what songs I knew to play. After a minute of finagling our musical tastes, we picked a couple of songs and played them, right there, in the common room. And it worked.

This would not be the first time that I would have a bad day and David would be there and I’d feel better.

One of my biggest worries about going abroad is not having him at home to give me advice or tell me I’m being dumb or encourage me or make me laugh. He’s one of those people you’ll meet in college, someone who really just gets you and understands you and makes you feel comfortable being who you are.

I'm so glad he got a haircut.

Getting a haircut was a great idea. Way to go, David.

It isn’t goodbye, though. We’ve signed a lease to live off-campus next year. We’re sticking together until graduation, at least. It’s going to be another amazing year. Here’s to David.

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