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October 11, 2013

In other news…

I edit a newspaper.

It’s basically a fifth class.

Or like a sixth class.

For your consideration, a list of newspaper-related things that I did this week:

  • Wrote an opinions piece on a pretty racist bake sale that took place in Texas.
  • Wrote my editor’s corner about the literary canon.
  • Sort of helped sort out a problem with our delivery (by “sort of,” I mean that by the time I arrived at the scene of the crime, pretty much everything was okay). (There wasn’t even a crime).
  • Interviewed David Angel as a contribution to an article about some staff departures.
  • Had some email exchanges with Dean Boyle and Career Services about new content to consider.
  • Had an editor’s meeting: For 2.5 hours-ish, we talked about our direction for the paper for the rest of the semester, how this week’s articles shaped up, and we even cleaned our office. Here I am during said meeting, appearing journalistic and pensive:



  • Chased down various articles that were late (we got them all eventually!)
  • Met with a representative from an advertising agency.
  • Checked up on some of our publishing stuff.
  • The meeting. Wednesday nights, we sit in a hallway in the geography building (because our office is not nearly large enough for our staff to fit) and somehow make a newspaper. Fun-filled responsibilities at this week’s meeting entailed: copy-editing three separate articles (including one pretty finicky one), plugging copy-edits of three other pieces into the computer, made half of our upcoming events calendar (by far my least favorite newspaper-related thing to do), cleared a bunch of random matters up, and checked the entire newspaper for bylines, photo credits, jumps, headlines, layout, placement, etc. Plus a whole lot of other random things that fall into place during the course of a six-hour meeting.

Something that you may have noticed is that these tasks together don’t make a newspaper. I didn’t take a single photograph, or actually put anything into our layout, or edit a large number of our articles. There was a lot of stuff that I didn’t do.

That’s because The Scarlet has an amazing staff. In college, I’ve learned to rely on other people, to trust them to do as good a job (or better) than I can at certain stuff. I’m working with people as we do things together, not simply working while other people are in the same room.

That’s what being part of the Clark community that I’ve already mentioned is really about: it’s understanding that other people are just as good at stuff as you think you are. I love being part of The Scarlet, but I also love being part of the Clark community, where what we do is done together.

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