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May 4, 2014



I just thought the picture was ironic. I’ve thought about experiencing and averting crises many a times. But I think I’ll avoid indulging in any existential crisis this summer. I admit, I will miss Clark and my friends. Since I will be busy catching up with the family, I feel I will get enough emotional warmth, provided i eat up all of the hot, spicy home food.

It has been a really long time since I’ve been home. The last time I left, I was 3 years younger and, I have thought about it, maybe 3 years wiser. I took a Gap Year and decided not to go home until this coming summer. But for those few years, I had made many other places to call my home. Most of those homes belonged to friends whom I now count as extended family members of the heart(my own heart to be specific). My latest home has been Clark’s Johnson- Sanford Hall Wellness floor and for next year it will be Blackstone Hall. Upgrading to air-conditioning will be great and I am excited to whip out my cookbook(5 meal plan). Which brings me to my summer plans.

With much needed familial bonding, I will require much needed rest of the heart and soul. I’ve been homesick for a while now and it would also be great to be sleeping in the bedroom that has been invading my dreams(in all its fuzzy, warm, scene-girl glory). And home food is also much longed for. What else?

While it feels like everyone is taking internships, I’ve decided to give myself some time and improve on some basic skills I lack. Learn how to drive, cook, cut hair, how to sew, how to take better pictures, how to write better. I also plan on volunteering as much as I can to develop interpersonal skills. Additionally, I have an expansive summer reading list: Murasaki Shikibu’s Tale of Genji, Thoreau’s Walden; Motorcycle Diaries and pretty much anything readable in my house. I will also be in Mumbai, “Bombay” actually (maybe?), to visit my best friend from High School. Bombay has so much to offer and I am incredibly exited to catch up on all the changes we’ve experienced since high school.

So although I am desperately hauling through this exam week, I am very excited to be home. I will have so many pictures for my first post back, so be prepared.


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