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April 27, 2014

Weekend Update

Two weeks away from home. But first, just a short update on my “event-ful” week.

First up. Senior Thesis Gallery Opening. On Wednesday, a swarm of people filled Clark’s Schiltkamp Gallery. The eclectic range of art pieces were without a doubt thought-provoking. The senior’s, sorry I actually meant, ARTISTS presented pieces that conveyed their varying skills and ideals. I came out inspired and intrigued.

Here are pictures from the gallery. Notice fellow diarist Stephanie?

IMG_7765 IMG_7799



Then came Just Do It Day! which is Clark’s annual day of service. My group went to the YWCA Camp in Leicester. Gearing up for their summer camp, we volunteered to help clean up the place. Within no time, we all worked hard, and the place was spotless. I’ve camped but never been to a camp. It did seem like a more organised way of interacting with nature(bathrooms!!), but it brought back memories.

Here I am cleaning:

Then on Saturday, I attended a dinner organised by the African Community Education(ACE) and Global Scholars Program. It was my first time trying West African food and it was delicious(in fact, I am craving for it right now). The performances and messages given by ACE students were empowering. It was a great week. Now back to studying.



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