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October 28, 2013

On Drag Balls and Telescopes


The last time I decided to attend a Clark social event was because someone persuaded me into believing it was “mandatory.” I tend to be a lazy slob during weekends, with my tea and my book (currently reading Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and I am very critical of Clark’s inconsistent architecture!). That was also the first freshman social event:The Black Light Dance . As in, it was something every freshman hoped preceded the excitement of what they deem as collegiate fun. Predictably, it was strobe lights, neon and a lot of sweat. I wasn’t very shocked, I had done my fair share of dancing. In fact, I ended up somewhere at the end of the stairs crumping with strangers whom I will probably never see again. But it was loads of fun and serious stress busting. So this weekend, when I had nothing to blog about, I decided to attend the Drag Ball. I’ve never been to one and it sounded exciting enough to go to. Plus, I love the Open Club members, they are all a fun bunch of people (yes, one of them was my ISO mentor and she’s amazing!). So I gave it a go.

Initially, it was all awkward. What with me trying to strut my doc martens against those who were much more outrageously chic. Then someone played Mika’s “Elle Me Dit” and it all got better. I realize I do like the dancing, I needed a break from my still on-going grueling mid-terms. GAH! (*air-flipping a strand of hair off my shoulder. Um… my hair is short!). But it seemed like a costume party, possibly a premonition for this week’s Halloween outfits. Well, it was incredibly fun dancing, but it got a bit monotonous and awkward. I only complain because there was a batch of scrumptious looking cupcakes that I could not eat because I was not informed that food would have to be bought (a dollar to be precise). But then someone made an announcement and VOILA! it was to be a drag show.

The first performer was Drag Queen Sam who strutted and danced while everyone cheered monstrously. It was entertaining  and I was reminded of Madonna’s Vogue-ing days. The next performer made me incredibly nostalgic. I have been listening to Britney Spears since I set foot at Clark (well, sort of). With a chair, a miniskirt and Toxic on the speakers, let’s just say the performance was incredibly worthy of Britney’s most upbeat track. Then came in a slew of other great performances. From a female Kurt Cobain(who himself used to famously perform in drag) to Kevin Bacon to Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke; it was all incredibly entertaining.

IMG_3374 IMG_3390 IMG_3393

Of course the night ended with tiara distributions. Also, a stuffed spider pet-toy-thing was given to the winning drag queen. All in all, it was a satisfying event. I say satisfied because I truly felt elated and glad that I was in Clark. You never truly realize how much fun this campus is until you stop being skeptical about enjoying the moments it offers. Take for instance the Friday evening before the Drag Ball. A group of friends and I decided to hang around the Sackler center to shield ourselves from the cold. We walk around and find Moattaz or Taz, the laboratory coordinator. Because we were accompanied by a student who was well acquainted with Taz, we got extremely lucky. He let us test the school’s new telescope. HOW AMAZING IS IT WHEN YOU SPEND A FRIDAY NIGHT STARING AT THE MOON AND ANDROMEDA???? YAY!


During ISO (International Student Orientation) mentoring week, a presentation declared the stages of entering international students’ emotions throughout the semester. I do not clearly remember but these emotions ranged from adaptation to hysteria to hostility and a final resolved satisfaction. Fleeting declarations are lame and I am not quite sure about my emotions yet. But it is definitely satisfying to be here. YAY! GO COUGARS!

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