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September 27, 2013

Mourning a broken camera


the last picture: a mourning collage


So I woke up one day, after a long while. It was a cold morning. In German class we’d learnt: Typisch für September, typical for September. Then I remembered the walk from the Bistro to Bullock Hall and having come across the fallen leaves by the road.

It had been a while since I had seen through the lens of my dearest camera. It had been a luxury to buy. The guilt set it, the guilt that seeps into every owner of a rarely used good quality camera. The last time I’d used it, I was travelling and “tripping-out” on the places I’d seen. But I didn’t find the time to take pictures in Clark. I’d decided to take in the memory first, instead of masking a camera’s lens between myself and socializing. Maybe, I thought, this was finally the time.

So I reached out for the wardrobe, grabbed the camera and then decided to test it out. I scanned my room, focussed on the Tibetan prayer flags I’d hung on the wall and clicked. Click went the shutter. I looked into the display screen, “Error.” SHOCK. Random click. Error.

Maybe I’d crammed it far too much. After all, I had one suitcase when I was making my way towards college. Maybe I’d accidentally slammed it against something when I was dragging the suitcase around New York City. I still don’t know. In German 101, Typisch für September, typical for September. Es regnet, it rains. It did. And I had no chance of taking a picture anyways. TSK TSK to my freshman photography life!

But hopefully, once I do get it fixed, I look forward to actually taking pictures around Clark. For now, I am planning on being a hipster, going to Target, getting a disposable camera and shooting all those leaves. Leaf by leaf. I’ll get by and I mean it. Alles gute, which does not (with phonetic aid) translate to “all is good,” means best of luck. So indeed, Alles Gute to me. Off to this weekend and that free Clark bus trip to Blackstone mall(where Target is by the way). And maybe, being a hipster?


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