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February 22, 2014

What it is like to be part of a Division 1 Team


Team pict

When I joined the MUN team in my sophomore year, I had no idea what that meant in the grand-scale of affairs. I did not know that I was joining a top 20 team in North America ( Neither did I know that I was setting myself up to meet some of the most ambitious and driven individuals from the around the world who hoped to find practical solutions to real world issues. As I look back at my MUN career and that of my teammates, I cannot help but see each one’s personal development in terms of charm, persuasion, charisma and other skills that are not only applicable in the UN stage but also in the corporate, public and other career-related platforms. If there is anything that gives MUN its worthy recognition, it is this article “why you should join your MUN team”-

HNMUN Award Winners

Last weekend, Clark produced its best ever team performance in what is known as the “World-Cup” of MUN, the Harvard National Model United Nations Conference (HNMUN’14), doubling our previous best score. A large portion of the credit here goes to our two head delegates, Patrick Burchat and Yohan Senerath, who scheduled an unprecedentedly, rigorous training agenda for the team prior to the conference. However, MUN, at the end of the day, is an individual sport and the praise really goes to each and every Clark delegate who put in his/her own personal effort and reaped the benefits.

On that note, I would like to give a special shout out to the Clark award-winners:

Verbal Commendations:
Corie Welch (Harvard First Timer): Community of Latin American and Caribbean States

Honorable Mentions:
Vahid Sharifov: Joint Cabinet Crisis: Berlin – East German Cabinet
Matt Isihara (Harvard First Timer): Tsar Alexander III Court
Sheila Qamirani (Harvard First Timer): Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Themal Ellawala & Beliansh Assefa (Harvard First Timers): Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Doga Bilgin & Patrick Bruchat: Commission on Status of Women

Outstanding Delegates:
Dulara de Alwis: Special Summit on Sustainable Development
Shane D’Lima & Yohan Senarath: United Nations Security Council

Best Delegate:
Melat Seyoum: Futuristic UN Commission for Science and Technology


Beliansh and Themal

corrie and sheila

Dea and Zoha

riley and jake

Yohan and Shane




KarlaPatty and Doga


Wang Dong MaxMichael and Maria

team girls

Dulara and Dani

That being said, my MUN career has come to an end, with an Outstanding Delegate Award at a Harvard General Assembly and a 3/3 in my senior year. As I suffer from withdrawal symptoms, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for being some of my favourite people of all time and to thank MUN for providing me with so much development professionally and personally.

Award Collage

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