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January 19, 2014


Round II, here we go!


This Thursday, a team of 8 MUNers will be sent to Montreal to participate in the McGill Model United Nations annual conference. Jake Kailey and myself are a double delegation in the United Nations Special Session on Aging and couldn’t be happier with the placement. The rest of the team includes Patrick Burchat, Beliansh Assefa, Dea Dodi, Matt Ishihara, Dylan Sansome and Doga Bilgin. There is quite a lot of pressure on the team to do well as we have slipped to rank 21 in North America ( and are not happy about it. We know we have the potential to be in the top 15 and it is time to prove it this semester.

Jake and my committee (United Nations Special Session on Aging) may not sound very captivating from afar, but it is quite relevant given the continuous increase in the elderly population in the world over (11% in 2000 and 22% by 2050). With topics ranging from healthcare provision to pension programs, Jake and myself are guaranteed four days of intense debate and resolution writing. As life expectancy increases, what do we do about the retirement age? How do we approach the increasing healthcare burden on OECD governments? How do we meet satisfy the elderly concerns of the developed and the developing world? These are some of the questions that will need to be answered and we better be prepared!


                                 Clark Investments and Trading Society

As part of the Clark Investments and Trading Society, we have decided to host a Spring General Interest Meeting on Wednesday to target the students, who were either studying abroad last semester or wanted to see the presence of our club on campus before joining. During the meeting, we will discuss what we aspire to accomplish as the finance-oriented club on campus and set our agenda for the semester.

This semester, in addition to a 7-week stock-only trading competition and guest events from recent Clark grads in the finance industry, we will host several meetings focusing on industry overviews (the different financial institutions, what they do and what they look for in candidates) and networking methods that may aid in getting your foot through the door. Since several seniors in the E-board, including myself, are graduating this semester, we will be taking applications from interested freshmen, sophomores and juniors to join the E-board and carry this club forward after we leave.


Fiat Lux Honor Society

I was selected into one of two senior honour societies earlier during the academic year for consistent community engagement in the city of Worcester.  As a society, we help Red Cross with blood drives on campus and take an active role engaging with the Worcester community, may it be with the boys and girls club, Jeremiah’s Inn or a range of other organizations. This semester, we are setting out to host a book drive targeting elementary to middle school children in Worcester. I shall keep you all updated on the drive’s progress as the semester progresses.

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