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September 28, 2013

Truly blessed

With the amount of progress that I have witnessed this past week, not only in my own endeavors but also my friends’, I cannot help but feel extremely blessed. First, the Stock Trading Competition is now fully set up and scheduled to begin in two weeks. Second, one of my good friends, Rob Gammell, led the Clark Cross Country team to second place in the Worcester Championship Tournament earlier today. So, I am going to begin by saying: it has been a good week!

The Stock Trading Competition

After coordinating with Hoang, the Director of the Trading Competition, appointing two assistant directors to advertise the event, and collaborating with the Graduate School of Management to access a wider pool of resources, the club went straight to business starting last Monday. Posters were put up in the UC, advertisements were digitized for the Student Council TV, a Facebook event was created and e-mails were sent to the Economics, Management, Mathematics and other departments to stress the academic component of the Trading Simulation. Though the plan before was to use MetaTrader and stick to Foreign Exchange and commodities, we have now broadened the number of asset classes by opting to use InterTrader and adding in Equity and Fixed income markets to the competition. Noting that not everyone has traded previously, we have arranged three training sessions on the 2nd, 9th and the 11th before commencing the competition on the 15th of October. The trainings will familiarize the participants with the InterTrader platform and teach them how to apply economic news to the stock market. Hoang, who was a quantitative trader this summer and has also taken part in several simulations while at the London School of Economics, is in charge of the technical training. To make the competition even more enticing, we have decided to make the top prize an iPad mini! With the help of the Student Council and the Grants Committee, I am rest assured that the financing aspect will not be a problem.

Below is the e-mail that was forwarded to all students in the Economics department. As you can see, even faculty is quite excited for this event:

“Department of Economics,


Clark Investments and Trading Society, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Management, is hosting its first campus trading competition. The competition will comprise of the following asset classes: equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities. The main focus of this simulation/competition is to create an opportunity for students to learn how the securities market functions. Students who participate in this competition will be able to experience a simulation of real trading: buying and selling securities.

The competition will run from Friday, October 11 at 5:00pm to Friday, November 1st at 9:pm in EDT. The title of “the Best Investor” will then be given to the winners of this competition. Training will also be provided on October 2nd (6:30-7:30pm), October 9th (6:30-7:30pm) and October 11th (5-6pm) – these sessions will help those who are new to trading familiarize with the simulation software and how to trade in the stock market. Everyone must attend one of these sessions to register for the competition and make an account in the simulation platform. An iPad mini will be awarded for the top performer!

To make students aware of this upcoming event, Clark Investment and Trading Society would like the Economics Department to send a brief e-mail introducing the trading simulation to all degree enrolled students in the department. Additionally, a one-page poster of the competition has been attached to this email, which can be put up on the bulletin board in the Economics department.

Again, Clark Investments and Trading Society is very glad to cooperate with the Department of Economics and create a platform where students can express their interest in Finance.

Assistant Director”

The Cross Country Team’s whooping performance!

Up until today, I did not receive a chance to attend and cheer my friend, Rob Gammell (the captain of the cross country team) in his biweekly races. Given that this race was held in Parkson, MA (don’t know if I am spelling that right) and that it was a 15 minute car ride, my friends and I knew that we could not miss this one and thus secretly cabbed it to the event without his knowledge. And, what a show he gave us! It was his best race thus far, coming in second place in the Clark team and top 6 in the meet overall! The team as a whole came in second place behind WPI, led by Nate, a Clark Senior who won first place!

Cheering Squad!

The Cheering Squad!

The captain at work!

The captain at work!

Pose of victory

The pose of victory


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