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August 22, 2013


Back with goodies

Greetings everybody! As promised, I am back on Diaries with my senior-year journey about to kick-off. Since Rian has already blogged about London and the LSE, I shall merely leave you with a picture and a quote, summarizing briefly but perfectly my year-abroad. Then, I shall talk in length about something that I am quite excited for this fall.

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." — Samuel Johnson

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
— Samuel Johnson

Having been immersed in the LSE banking culture, and lightly trading in the stock-market (online) this past year, I could not help but recognize the lack of an undergraduate student club at Clark in which students can express their passion towards finance. Given that the financial services sector accounts for 10% of the US economy, and that I have personally met several Clarkies who are truly interested in the industry, I have decided to start an undergraduate student club named ClarkU Investments and Society. The bulk of the events would be presentations/networking events from investment banks (large and boutique), consultancies and hedge funds, introducing their day-to-day work and the available career opportunities in their respective companies. More proactive events include a three-week foreign exchange (forex) trading simulation for which training will be provided before-hand. The top prize will be won by whoever that makes the most money (fake money, of course) :)

Bloomberg Charts and Securities Analysis

Bloomberg Charts and Securities Analysis

As I get the club paperwork finalized for the Student Leadership office, I am simultaneously contacting friends in asset management firms such as BlackRock and Boston Private Bank and seeing what they can offer us regarding company presentations and networking events for the fall semester. As for the trading simulation, the choice right now is between the two following platforms: MetaTrader or UniTrader. Publicity of this sort is usually welcomed by such organizations, so I am also hoping to also win a sponsorship in the process.

Metatrader Forex Chart Analysis

Metatrader Platform

The positive feedback that I have already received from interested students (freshmen and upperclassmen) is delightful. I am grateful to the SLP office and the Student Council for offering their excellent services. Special thanks to Rian, the council President, for directing me to the appropriate people, sharing invaluable tips and supporting me in making this club a reality.

I am glad to be able to share this journey of laying the foundations and running Clark Investments and Trading Society right here on this blog. Moreover, I am anxious and extremely optimistic of the outcome. But, the question now is: do my partners and I have the endurance to bear through the struggles of any startup club? Let us find out.

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  1. Sep 19 2013

    What a great imitative. I wish there was someone like you around to organise a club like this when I was in college.

    My preference would be MetaTrader for the trading simulation.

    I wish you well

    • Dulara de Alwis
      Sep 19 2013

      Thank you for the kind of words! There is a high chance we will end up choosing InterTrader. It allows equity trading and is a bit more user-friendly.

  2. Oct 8 2013

    MetaTrader is a good choice for demo or papertrading. It is very flexible to make your own indicators or automated trading scripts. Ninja Trader is also good choice for beginners because it is a pit simplier and more easy to use than MetaTrader

    • Nov 1 2013

      Hey Jack, thank you for the suggestion. For the first competition, we decided to go with the InterTrader Demo as it covers the main stock indeces as well. For the competition we hope to hold next semester, we are think of adding in specific stocks. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on that end.


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