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January 27, 2014

The Last Few Weeks…

In the last few weeks worth of posts, I’ve discussed the cold, the spring, and all the internships I’m applying for. But here we are, almost a month into the spring semester, and I haven’t mentioned exactly what I’ve been doing this whole time. After all, my life isn’t fully consumed by shivering outside and writing these posts while reflecting on myself.

My final course schedule turned out to be a little different than I had planned and reported here, mainly because of scheduling problems (it turns out, understandably, that Clark doesn’t really plan for the possibility of a Geography/Physics double major). So here’s what I’m taking:

  • Diving Into Research, with Professor Sternberg. A continuation of a course from last semester, it’s really awesome to get the chance to do actual research as a freshman. The material can be tough sometimes, but it’s a group of great people and we work together well.
  • Physics 121, with Professor Boyer. I’d heard great things about Prof. Boyer before I started, and true to form, he’s helped remind me why I fell in love with Physics in the first place. This is the first course explicitly about Physics I’ve taken here, and  getting back into it has been a pleasure.
  • Calculus 125, not any easier than Calc 124 last semester. This is still my hardest class, but Professor Satz is someone who loves teaching and cares about the material. Sometimes challenge is its own reward.
  • Development Policy, with Professor Peet. The man is indefatigable – still a Marxist, still brilliant. Following on from last semester’s Political Economy of Development, this course asks us to take an in-depth look at one country’s experience with development. Some people are thinking about India, China, Ethiopia, or Brazil – personally, I’m leaning towards Malaysia.
  • Earth Systems Science, with Professor Gardner. This class, my largest, promises to be a ton of fun. In our first lab we used Clark’s homegrown IDRISI remote sensing software, now used in over 130 countries. This is why I came to Clark – it’s the place for this sort of research and work. The basic platform used everywhere for remote sensing work was written by Clark University scientists.

Using IDRISI to map land cover in Cape Cod.

Of course, I’ve been up to more than academics. This past weekend in particular was completely full from Friday to Monday. It started out with a drive through Rhode Island to get to Lazergate. I hadn’t gone to a laser tag place in years, but it was great! There was a huge arcade and a Midnight Madness special deal meant we got to play 6 games in four hours. Faaantastic.



The place itself (this is the lobby) was straight out of the ’90s.

Yesterday, Julianne and I went and saw a new part of Worcester – the Miss Worcester Diner. I love Annie’s, and Miss Worcester is a 10 minute drive rather than a 10 second walk, but Miss Worcester was wonderful! Apparently it was ranked the best diner in the country by TLC. We got a nutella/banana French toast and a meat lover’s french toast – as it transpires, I’m a lover both of nutella and meat, and thoroughly enjoyed both. It’s a classic, classy place, in an old train car.


The Nutella/Banana.


The outside – nothing fancy, just right.

In a day that was all about food, yesterday also involved my first ever TV interview. Clark’s own Residential Area Coordinator DaVaughn Williams has started a cooking show! We have a TV network, Clark Cable Network (CCN), which produces and broadcasts several different shows. That list now includes The Food Spot, on which I was one of the first guests. DaVaughn made fried chicken and blue cheese salad, and both were fantastic. Regrettably, I didn’t get any pictures of the food, but here’s the cooking/filming process. 


So that’s what my life has been like since I got back! And now, back to work!

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