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November 16, 2013

Well Worth The Price of Admission

As my Marxist geography professor loves to point out, we live in a society built around money. We work to earn money – invest money to make more money – and need to spend money to do, well, just about everything, from having a place to live to buying food. And it’s no secret that college costs a lot of money – Clark may be comparatively cheap, but my three months here have cost just as much as a new car would.

Therefore I’m a bit short on spending money. I’m not broke, but my only income is from writing this blog and I have to buy textbooks for next semester sooner than I’d like.

Last week, I talked about cool cultural opportunities off campus, around New England. That weekend hit my wallet hard – gas, dinner, theater ticket, etc. This weekend, I’ve been just as busy, and never more than a 1/4 mile from my bed. And it’s all been free. As my dad likes to say, anything that’s free is worth the price of admission.


First up – a basketball game!

Clark, a Division III school, isn’t world-renowned for its sports, but our teams work hard and win a lot. On Friday afternoon, the women’s basketball team hosted a four-school tournament! And in the game I attended (free of charge), the Cougars crushed the Becker Hawks 71-57. Good game.

Next, we briefly stopped by Sex Toy Bingo. Clark likes bingo – a lot. The family weekend bingo game drew a crowd so big it barely fit into the cafeteria – and Sex Toy Bingo pulled probably 100-150 undergrads. It’s hosted by CHOICES, Clark’s sexual awareness club. The whole thing felt like a farce (right down to the free condoms all over the place) but it was real enough. Some guy won a butt plug while I was there. Alright then. Moving along…

I failed, regrettably, to take any pictures of The Guy Code, part of Clark’s New Play Festival. Fortunately, you can check out Jeremy’s picture here, near the bottom. It was a raunchy, straightforward play about social redemption in high school – uproariously funny, and well acted. And free.


Last up – the Peapod Squad!

The Peapod Squad is one of Clark’s two improv groups. Last night they performed in the jam-packed Little Center to an appreciative audience. The seats were filled upstairs and down – people stood or sat on the floor and stairs. Improv is a great Chicago art form, and the Peapodders could hold their own on any Chicago stage. The best game was Interrogation – one player had to guess what they were being accused of while two hilarious cops tried to get a confession out of them. After that show wrapped up close to midnight, I spent the rest of the night with my friends.

It’s not all about money. College might be expensive, but nights like last night make it well worth the price of admission.


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