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October 5, 2013

Midterms Are Next Week?

Good lord. I have midterms next week. Several, actually. This is a shock to my system that compares to the time I licked a wall-outlet (in my defense, I was eight and fulfilling a dare).

For one of my midterms (Geography 127) I have to not only summarize every major school of economic thought since Adam Smith, I have to critique them as well. Oh, and I have to offer a whole new alternative economics – all in an hour and fifteen minutes. Once my hand stops cramping in terror at the thought of 75 minutes of continuous scribbling, I’ll be able to start re-writing my notes into readable form. College is hard work.

The class I’m taking the most notes for, Honors Calc, will be ruining my life until next Wednesday, when I sit down for a two-hour midterm. It’s actually gotten more and more fun – calculus was, last year, the first math I really enjoyed, and still is as I continue with it this year. That only bodes well if I want to major in Physics, I suppose.


Calc notes, in lovely bright pink pen. I’ve got 50 pages more in my notebook.

In other news, in order to de-stress before our Week of Horror, my friends and I made the hour-long drive into Boston on this lovely Saturday. On the way there, we listened to bad music and cursed the Mass Turnpike, and on the way back, people slept in the back with the Red Sox game on.

Betweentimes, we saw the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and walked about 4 miles. The Gardner Museum  is set in a building modeled after (nay, copied from) a Venetian Palace, and is beautiful architecturally, with a wide-open indoor courtyard in the middle and dark-wood with ancient tapestries along the walls. We saw (among other things) bonsai trees older than the American constitution, a Rembrandt self-portrait, some beautiful Japanese scrolls, and a 3000-year-old jar with brains in it.


Plus this lovely wood window and stained glass.

Afterwards, we walked along the Emerald Trail (a series of parks) to Newbury Street, where we admired far-too-expensive clothing and purchased far-too-expensive but pretty tasty burgers. All in all, a good day. And now back to studying!


PS: I taught my friend Laura how to tie ties! :)



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