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September 27, 2013


The One Where I Go To The Hospital

I went to the hospital yesterday. Fortunately, it was not because of any medical issue (although it’s the season where even the squirrels seem to have colds – I could swear one of them sneezed at me yesterday).

No, a couple of my friends (fellow blogger Julianne and fellow Chicagoan Eunice Zepeda) and I visited the hospital because they were interested in volunteering there. They needed to get the volunteer application forms to fill out and asked for a lift. First of all, St. Vincent’s Hospital, in downtown Worcester, is very nice and squeaky clean. Secondly, it feels more like a shopping mall than a hospital, complete with ads for things you don’t really need.


Beneath the trees there were tables plucked from a Parisian cafe.

The more I see of Worcester, the more I like it. It’s a city connected with the world and not at all isolated from things larger than itself. There are large and vibrant communities of recent immigrants (particularly Vietnamese folks, of whom there aren’t many in Chicago) and lots of business everywhere.

One of the other schools I applied to, Deep Springs, was about as far from that as possible. It’s a tiny ranch in the California desert which prides itself on isolation and separation from the main part of the world. I’m realizing more and more every day here at Clark that if I’d gone to Deep Springs, I would have missed being part of the world at large. Even some other more mainstream schools I’ve heard about from friends seem to be wrapped in their own worlds, turned inward. Clark, and Worcester, face outward.

Eunice, one of the friends who I accompanied to the hospital, spent that morning at a local elementary school teaching children how to organize binders to make their schoolwork more efficient. It’s that sort of thing that matters.

Speaking of things that matter, last weekend was Family Weekend here at Clark! My family came to visit (well, the three of them that don’t live here already)! Seeing them again, for the first time in a while, reminded me how much I miss home. Most days at Clark fly by without giving me time to miss what I left behind – but it was simply wonderful to have them here, and to show them my world.

My friends and I arranged a dinner for our families and us, so all 20 of us got together and ate a lovely meal at Peppercorns, playing some confusing games of Telephone along the way.


So that was excellent as well. This week reminded me of what really matters to me – family, friends, and feeling a connection with the world.

P.S. Oh, I’ve been elected to Clark’s student council as a representative from Johnson-Sanford Center! Now I have to get to work fulfilling my campaign pledge – a printer for the hall! That way everyone can print out their readings on Contemporary Literary Theory from the comfort of their own rooms.

P.P.S. I came up with a joke I thought I’d share – what do you call a French-Spanish fusion quick-cooking cookbook? Uno, Dos, Crepes!

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  1. Eunice Zepeda
    Sep 27 2013

    Why don’t you mention my name?!?! :(

  2. Dale
    Sep 28 2013

    Wasn’t sure you wanted me to. I’ll edit it accordingly. :)


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