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September 10, 2013


Eunmi Shim and Late-Night Tag

I should have expected, going to college, that there’d be things to do. I just never imagined that there would be this many things to do. Each weekend, every student gets an email from Dean McKenna – subject line “This Weeekend’s Events!!”

No less than 37 separate items were listed for this weekend, ranging all the way from a five-mile hike to a classical piano concert to a massive dance called Euphoria. I could have eaten free this whole weekend by going to all of the six different BBQs hosted by different organizations.

One of the things I did this weekend – among many others – is started a piano trio.

I’ve played cello for nine years now. Back in Wilmette during the school year, every Saturday was spent at Midwest Young Artists. It’s a youth orchestra (actually, there’s 6 orchestras, choirs, band, jazz, and chamber music). My sister and I drove the 20 minutes north to Highland Park each week listening to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me¬†and talking about the music we were going to play. The names of the old composers bring a smile to my face when I hear them. I particularly like the R’s and B’s – Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rossini, Bach, Bernstein, and Beethoven.

The big blurry man is Dr. D, one of the best people I know.

Graduating from MYA. The seniors got roses.

I brought my cello with me to Clark, and there are so many opportunities. By the end of Week One orientation, I’d found someone else who was interested in putting a chamber group together – and on Sunday, three of us got together and played together. There’s something unique about making music with other people – it’s just very pleasant. The world cooperated by providing an unlocked practice room, beautiful sunny weather, and time to just slip it in our schedules.

Clark also offers a wonderful variety of concerts to go to. Last Saturday, I heard about a piano performance by Eunmi Shim, an associate professor at Worcester Polytechnic. As it was taking place less than 500 feet from my dorm (in the beautiful Razzo Hall) and one of my professors was offering extra credit to go, I couldn’t say no. And the concert was wonderful – Professor Shim played Bach and Beethoven, two perennial favorites, and reminded me why I love classical music. I’m already looking forward to going to another concert – and Clark is organizing a bus to take students to Mechanics Hall, downtown, to hear Beethoven’s Ninth. I’m in!

Mechanic's Hall is a beautiful old space and concert venue.

Mechanics Hall is a beautiful old space and concert venue.

For right now, though, I’m going to get back to my Music 101 homework – listening and talking about music. It’s barely like homework at all.

P.S. In case it seems like I spent my whole weekend involved in some form of classical music, other activities included teaching my friends poker (Laura is pretty good for never having played before), attending a meeting about running for student council, and playing tag on the green after 2 am before settling down to watch the stars. I’m lucky I didn’t fall asleep outside – that would have been cold.

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  1. Jeremy Levine
    Sep 11 2013

    I played at Mechanics Hall last year with Worcester Symphonic Project. We did Mozart’s Fortieth and the sound was just unreal. It’s a phenomenal venue. I’m glad you got to go there so early in your Clark career!


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