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August 29, 2013


Making Clark A Home

As of today, I’ve been at Clark for one week and one day. It feels like a month!

I got to campus last Wednesday afternoon. Clark allows students who live more than 500 miles away to move in one day before the mad rush of Thursday, when 500 freshmen and their parents storm the campus. It’s a godsend. Thanks to the day-early policy, I was able to meet my roommate, unpack, and explore the campus in relative peace. The room looks great, too! Or, at least it did on the first day, when everything was neatly organized. Here’s what it looks like after a week of full-time occupation.

Not too bad, I hope. :)

Not too bad, I hope.

I got all my books on that bookshelf in the back, and with a little help from my friends, alphabetized them. Yes, I’m that guy. Just for fun, I also counted my books (82) and calculated what percentage of the bookshelf is taken up by Harry Potter books. It’s 12.9%, if you were wondering. One more book-fact: the most represented author (apart from JK Rowling) is Gerald Durrell, with 5 books to his name. Here’s a link to his Wikipedia page.

Clark has a program called Week One for new first-years. It’s an exhausting regimen of small talk with people you barely know, boring seminars about alcohol, exciting seminars about alcohol, enrollment, and a hundred other things. In the four days of the optimistically-named Week One programming, you get thoroughly educated on everything Clark – and come away from it all feeling like you learned nothing. It’s not Clark’s fault. I’ve heard from friends at other schools that their experience was about the same. I think there’s no really good way to orient students to what is basically an entirely new way of life in anything less than a month. So Clark does the best it can by filling us with information during Week One. It’s just exhausting.

And then classes started!

What you WON’T find at Clark.

Classes have been great! One class has 12 people – the largest, about 50. Things I’ve done, found out, or experienced – I got to tell a Marxist that rationalism is a conspiracy theory (thanks, Clark!). I found out about the Seiklos epitaph, which you should listen to (thanks, Clark!). I played intense late-night bingo, which I never knew could be so nerve-wracking (thanks, Clark!). I read an article called “The Case for Letting Malibu Burn” – and now I think we should let Malibu burn (thanks, Clark!). That last one may be an exaggeration. I’ve done a million things (also an exaggeration, unless you count breathing, heartbeats, and creating red blood cells).

And I’ve done those things with a million people. Clarkies are fun, interesting, and fantastically friendly! It’s been great getting to know everyone.

Fellow blogger Julianne and I.

Fellow blogger Julianne and I.

By the way, you can read Julianne’s blog at this link. It’s great!

See you guys next week!

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