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May 4, 2014


Looking Back, Looking Forward: Move-out Day Eve Eve

“After four drinks, salads, steaks, two baked potatoes, a shared dessert, and a healthy amount of giddy chatter, our celebratory “End of Summer/Good-bye Amy Family Dinner” was over.   Tonight, the official Eve of Move-in Day Eve, overflowed with bittersweet emotion. My little brother casually pointed out four or five times that in 40 hours or so, I would be alone in Worcester, and they would be on a plane to Turkey. Apparently that means he is going to miss me. I frowned, my brother snickered, and my parents shared a quiet smile. At the moment, the thought of being left in an unfamiliar room in a part of the world I have never lived in with people I have never met turns my stomach, but I am sure that after a night or two or twenty, potential new friends, and some distracting orientation activities, I will feel more settled, and hopefully excited.”

I was in this exact hotel when I wrote my first post.

This was how I began my first ever Clark Diaries post, one that I wrote before officially starting school. I was riddled with anxiety about leaving home for college, and as one might observe based on several follow-up posts, that anxiety took a long time to settle.

But it did! Here I am, approximately 40 hours away from being on a plane to Turkey. I am feeling a strange combination of relief, astonishment, fatigue, and a twinge of sadness at saying goodbye to my room, residence hall, roommate, and friends. Though I know I am coming back in several months, it will be to a different bed in a strange residence hall, and to a new roommate! Thankfully, the beginning of sophomore year should be smoother than this one was.

While I am saying ‘hello’ to summer, this blog post is to say ‘good-bye.’* It thrilled me to be a part of Clark Diaries this year, and I so enjoyed chronicling my first year at Clark. As I am a rising-sophomore, I have one year of college experience under my belt, and a few subsequent nuggets of college wisdom that I am looking forward to sharing as soon as next semester rolls around.

Look at that–it’s chock full of wisdom.

I introduced myself in my first post by saying that I aspired to study the socio-cultural implications of female protagonists in middle-European literature, meaning to say that I had no clue where my educational path would turn. I am pleased to say that now, I do! Instead of taking a well-trodden path, I will be carving out my own.**

The potential friends I hoped to meet have been met, and I hoping to make many more over the next three years. A night or two or twenty became seven months, and I am settled. I cannot wait to find out what next year has to offer, and I am even more excited to share it with my readers.

On August 22, 2013, I looked out of my window at the sky, watching for a plane headed to Turkey. In less than two days, I will be in that plane, ready for a vacation, yet eager to return for a new year at Clark.

Sixth window from the back is me.

Have an excellent summer everyone!


*Only until next semester, that is.

**I will write more about this as I finalize forms and establish my course of study.

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  1. Ethel Divinia
    May 5 2014

    How exciting it is to see you complete your first year of college!
    So many great insights you have shared along the way. I would wish for every student this opportunity to write about their experiences and feelings along the way – gives a great perspective.
    Thanks Amy!

  2. John B yeager
    May 5 2014


  3. Stephanie Scoggin
    May 5 2014

    Amy, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts…enjoy your summer, and hug your mom for me!


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