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August 20, 2013

Move-in Day Eve Eve

After four drinks, salads, steaks, two baked potatoes, a shared dessert, and a healthy amount of giddy chatter, our celebratory “End of Summer/Good-bye Amy Family Dinner” was over.   Tonight, the official Eve of Move-in Day Eve, overflowed with bittersweet emotion. My little brother casually pointed out four or five times that in 40 hours or so, I would be alone in Worcester, and they would be on a plane to Turkey. Apparently that means he is going to miss me. I frowned, my brother snickered, and my parents shared a quiet smile. At the moment, the thought of being left in an unfamiliar room in a part of the world I have never lived in with people I have never met turns my stomach, but I am sure that after a night or two or twenty, potential new friends, and some distracting orientation activities, I will feel more settled, and hopefully excited.

While this dinner was a ‘good-bye’, this blog post is a ‘hello’. It thrills me to be a part of Clark Diaries, and I am looking forward to writing about my college experience. I have not yet officially arrived at Clark and I have no nuggets of college wisdom to share, but I can introduce myself.

As my profile says, my name is Amy, and I will be a freshman at Clark University in two short days. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing, and spending time with cats. I aspire to study the socio-cultural implications of female protagonists in middle-European literature, which is a fancy way of saying I do not have a concrete idea of what my future major/career will be. Abnormal psychology fascinates me, but I am also interested in illustration, medicine, and finding a job that will allow me to live overseas.

Now that the semi-formal introduction is out of the way, here is a brief account of  the last summer I spent completely under the protective wings of my parents.

Part 1-Senegal

After graduation, I spent two difficult weeks saying bye to my favorite people and packing up my stuff. My walls and shelves looked naked without my posters and books, and the entire house adopted an unfamiliar echo. The last few humid Senegalese summer days were crucial to me as they were the last time I will get to live overseas for the next four+ years. Also, I will really, really miss my cat.

Sunset in Senegal-Photo borrowed from a Facebook friend

Sunset in Senegal-Photo borrowed from a Facebook friend

My cat, Frank

Part 2-Washington

Washington D.C. served as a ten day pit stop between Senegal and Texas, our regular summer destination. Most families in the State Department have to visit between posts. I went to the Museum of Natural History in the hopes of holding a tarantula at the insect exhibit, but was chased out by hoards of screaming children on summer field trips. One of my most enjoyable afternoons was spent with my brother eating mini tacos from Seven Eleven on the curb of a busy street. We didn’t bother with the White House–President Obama had visited Senegal a few days before we left for the US.

President Obama visiting Senegal

Part 3-Texas

Texas, my home state, is our regular summer destination. We spend most of the vacation visiting family as we only get to see them once a year. A good friend of mine came to visit for a couple of weeks, and we had a lot of fun catching up on the events of the year we had spent apart. We took a side trip to New Mexico to see Carlsbad Caverns and the amazing cave formations inside them. Unfortunately, I spent an hour or so in White’s City, NM. I am sure that at one point, many years ago, White’s City was a popular place, but today, all that remains is a dusty husk of what it used to be. The toilet stalls there didn’t have any doors.

Neat cave formation in Carlsbad

Part 4-Massachusetts

Over the past few days, my family and I have been exploring the in’s and out’s of Worcester, Massachusetts, and very briefly Vermont and New Hampshire. I found the nearest CVS to Clark, and I even pinpointed the approximate location of what will be the window of my new room. In less than two days, I will be looking out of it, watching the sky for a plane headed to Turkey.

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